Dahlia rugs by Claydies

, , , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

Dahlia is a series of round rugs designed by Claydies for Normann Copenhagen – the same creative minds behind the Grass vases we presented a while ago.

Claydies used the motive of the Dahlia flower, hence the name of the rug, as the basis for their geometrical pattern:

“We are used to working three-dimensionally in stoneware. However, a rug has a two-dimensional form that places other demands on us on creating depth in the design. We have therefore worked with a round shape that creates good dynamics in the rug´s motif. We got hold of Karens old compass and a bunch of coloured pencils and played around with simple geometric forms and reflections. In this way the motif of the Dahlia was created and we believe that the rug has now achieved both a classic royal and a modern funky appearance.” – Claydies

The rugs are available in blue/grey, red/pink and orange/yellow, as well as in three sizes:

Small: 100 cm
Medium: 130 cm
Large: 200 cm

Photos: Normann Copenhagen