Cozy and playful apartment by INT2 architecture

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This cozy and playful apartment by INT2 Architecture is one of the most beautiful interiors I’ve ever seen. It reflects the new Nordic style at its best by using many raw materials and design elements from well-known Nordic brands, but is so very unique in its many details.

I adore everything: the bold color choices in the bedroom, the couch pillows by Ferm Living, the wall mirror and salmon colored reading light by GUBI, and of course the Muuto couch and large lamps above the dining table. The closer you look, the more gems you discover! Take a look for yourself!




Pictures: INT2 




  1. Natalia
    9 Feb 2015 / 17:32

    Could you please provide us with the name of the bathroom’s tiles producer?

  2. Catherine Lazure-Guinard
    9 Feb 2015 / 19:58

    Tough one! I recommend you get in touch with INT2 directly: [email protected]
    Good luck!

  3. Natalia
    10 Feb 2015 / 04:10

    Thanks a lot!

  4. Marta
    20 Feb 2015 / 08:51

    Does someone know where I can get this print?

    • Catherine Lazure-Guinard
      20 Feb 2015 / 09:11

      Which print do you have in mind exactly?

  5. Marta
    20 Feb 2015 / 10:17

    Or who the artist of the woman with the flowers is?

  6. Amber
    15 Mar 2015 / 00:35

    Could you please tell me the maker of the lights in the kitchen? LOVE!

    • Catherine Lazure-Guinard
      23 Mar 2015 / 09:13

      For a similar lamp, see the Work Lamp by Design House Stockholm here, or check out House Doctor.

  7. renita
    27 Apr 2015 / 04:05

    Hello! I’m also interested in the black & white print of the woman with flowers/fish in her hair – are u able to provide more information? Thanks

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