Cozy and elegant Christmas décor

, , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

Here’s yet again some inspiration for your Christmas décor! I’m showing you this house because I really like the understated look. It is contemporary, pared-back and sophisticated with a touch of luxe. The beautiful herringbone parquet floor and other rustic wooden accents add warmth to the monochrome palette of cool greys, black and white. The decorations are subtle and harmonious. Bits of nature like pinecones, antlers, reindeer hide and sheep skins really tie the look together.

And isn’t the kitchen gorgeous? PH pendant lamp, you are now on my wish list!

Photos: Lene Samsø for Bobedre

Effortless-Chic-christmas-decor-01 Effortless-Chic-Christmas-Decor-02 Effortless-Chic-Christmas-Decor-03 Effortless-Chic-Christmas-Decor-04 Effortless-Chic-Christmas-Decor-05 Effortless-Chic-Christmas-Decor-06 Effortless-Chic-Christmas-Decor-07 Effortless-Chic-Christmas-Decor-08

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