Botanica: A New Photographic Print Series By Vee Speers

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Vee Speers – The name might not ring a bell to all of you, but you’ve definitely seen her work in a Nordic home featured on the site. She is the artist behind the popular portraits series The Birthday Party as well as Thirteen. Many of you asked us where to find her prints, especially this one, this one and this one.

She just came out with a beautiful new series, Botanica, which consists of four photographic prints, each depicting a different flower.

“The poetic photos draw the viewer into a botanical world – a world that gives us a quiet place away from the chaos of everyday life.”


vee-speers-botanica-prints-01 vee-speers-botanica-prints-02 vee-speers-botanica-prints-03 vee-speers-botanica-prints-04 vee-speers-botanica-prints-05 vee-speers-botanica-prints-06 vee-speers-botanica-prints-07 vee-speers-botanica-prints-08


You can purchase Speers’ prints here.


Photos: Visse Vasse




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