Bier Bier Bar in Helsinki

, , , , , By Erika Vierto

Here’s another great interior by Finnish stylist Joanna Laajisto (she is also behind LeRoy nightclub, restaurant Story and restaurant Michel, among others).

Bier Bier Bar is located in a pretty unique and special place, as it is being preserved by the  Finnish National Board of Antiquities, which aims to safeguard the country’s cultural heritage. Joanna had to create a warm and modern interior, while meeting the board’s restrictions – And she succeeded quite well! Designed to make people feel at ease and comfortable, Bier Bier is elegant and yet cozy. Contemporary light fixtures, furniture and artwork rejuvenate the place, while the original, historical feel is preserved with the dark color palette and rich materials. The atmosphere is intimate and enveloping.

A great place to enjoy a handpicked selection of craft beer, ciders and wines on a cold winter night, right?

Bier Bier Bar
Erottajankatu 13
00130 Helsinki
+358 10 666 8451





Photos: via Joanna Laajisto



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