Beautiful interdependence

, , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

There is something special about the Fiducia vases and candleholders designed by Danish Louise Campbell for Kähler. They surely look fun and unique, but we especially how they relate to each other:

“Fiducia means faith or confidence in Latin. This group of candlesticks and vases cannot stand alone, but only gain their function from being joined together – the strong magnets that link them bestow stability and flexibility.” – Aplusrstore

This collection is also great because you can play around by combining the colors and sizes, by positioning them in a long, straight line or in a closed circle – as you like.

Plus: Fiducia won a Red Dot award in 2008!

A set includes 5 pieces: a pink, a yellow, and 3 white ones.

Photos: Kähler

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