Beautiful Inspiration from Danish Brand Gubi

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When I’m asked to share some of my favourite Scandinavian design brands, you are likely to find Gubi on the list. Their products are good examples of timeless design, as quality and sleek, simple lines are never out of style. I am a huge fan of their Bestlite series, Adnet mirror, Beetle chairPedrera lamp and Gamfratesi TS Table.

Established in Copenhagen in 1967, the Danish family company Gubi is a global designhouse driven by curiosity, courage and intuition. The company is chasing forgotten icons and bringing products back into production while also commissioning new pieces. Their assortment include work by amazingly talented designers such as Gamfratesi, Jacques Adnet, Robert Dudley Best and Greta M. Grossman, among others.

Have a look at their latest catalog for some serious design envy, and check out these beautiful pictures below – Classic, stylish and inspiring!


Gubi-Nordic-Design-15Gubi-Nordic-Design-13 Gubi-Nordic-Design-12 Gubi-Nordic-Design-11 Gubi-Nordic-Design-10 Gubi-Nordic-Design-09Gubi-Nordic-Design-01 Gubi-Nordic-Design-08 Gubi-Nordic-Design-07 Gubi-Nordic-Design-06 Gubi-Nordic-Design-05 Gubi-Nordic-Design-04 Gubi-Nordic-Design-03

Photos: Gubi



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