Art Styles in Scandinavia

, By Catherine

I recently found out about Nordic Artists, who aims to promote and support artists from the Nordic countries. I’m pleased to have discovered the work of Rasa Olesen, Trine Heegaard and Petur Halldorsson, among others. I also found this article below very interesting, explaining the different art styles in Scandinavia.

“Many people might think that the art and design style of the different Nordic countries are all the same but a closer look will let you know that there are differences in their styles. Each country, although they are geographically close together, have developed different styles because of different influences and experiences. Let’s take look at the origins of the different styles:

In Sweden, the artists of the 20’s and 30’s were more focused on making ordinary things beautiful. This was also known as “Swedish grace” and the creation of ceramics and glass with art designs came to life. Their artworks are also mostly influenced by other countries in the Western Europe.

The first well-known artists in Iceland painted landscapes. The beautiful scenery has influenced artists. Icelandic artists also show their cold climate in their artworks. Some artists also incorporate nature in their artwork by using items such as lava rocks, clay and even fish skin.

The Finnish artists were more into modern design and they used different technology, such as laminated plywood. Their designs are less restricted and more varied because of the lack of traditional influence in their artworks.

The Norwegians created their own art style through their landscape paintings. The paintings somewhat show the different myths and stories that the artists grew up with. In this, we could see that tradition has played a great part in their artworks.

Denmark on the other hand, focused on creating hand-made and high quality wooden furniture. The Danish teak furniture, which is light, simple and user-friendly, got worldwide recognition. Modern versions of their style is now being used with metal works.
The art styles of the different countries can be seen in different design works such as ceramics, jewelry, illustrations, glass, and photographs.  One way for people to get to know the Scandinavian and Nordic countries is through their art.”

Make sure to check Nordic Artists‘ website to see beautiful artwork, and to find out where to study art and design in Scandinavia.

Photo: Nordic Artists


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