Affordable Sustainable Homes in Denmark by Sigurd Larsen

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Danish architect Sigurd Larsen designed a series of single family houses for a sustainable and affordable housing development in Hvalsø, Denmark. He came up with two model homes, TheLight House and The Green House. They are built with durable materials, strategically positioned windows to make the most of the natural light and heat intake, and with a simple layout to help keep construction costs low.

The interior of both houses is airy and bright, and cleverly planned to maximise the space available. The external finish is made of vertical, untreated, larch panels which will turn to a lighter silver tone over time, allowing the houses to adapt to its surroundings.

“All future house designs in the area will be uniquely designed for individual families and their needs and budgets, but all houses follow the same zoning plan for the area with high requirements of sustainability. The development plan for the area has high demands on sustainability for construction materials, insulation, energy and air circulation,” says Larsen (source).


The Light House:

“This 135 m2 three bedroom house offers a large central living/dining area which is flanked by two bedrooms on one side and one bathroom and master bedroom on the other. A mono-pitched roof creates high ceilings in the communal area while also allowing for an extra guest bedroom and living room to fit comfortably on the second floor in a mezzanine-like arrangement. The various sizes of windows are carefully positioned to frame a view of the surrounding landscape or capture a ray of sunlight at a specific time of the day. The house is naturally ventilated with the help of a three-layered window that allows temperature to be regulated as it enters the building, allowing for good air flow throughout.”

Price: 270 000€


affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-07affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-16affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-10affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-09 affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-08 affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-06affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-14affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-15The Green House:

“Though slightly smaller in floor space (82m2), The Green House offers a large 32m2 winter garden on the south facing façade of the construction. All bedrooms and a bathroom are located on the northern, more intimate side of the building while the living/dining area opens up onto the greenhouse where a south-facing, mono-pitched roof ensures that a lot of light filters into the communal areas. The children’s room is prepared for being separated by a wall later. A mezzanine over the kitchen makes the most of the high ceilings to create a cozy cinema room, ideal for cold winter nights. Heat from the sun, retained in the winter garden during the day, acts as a buffer between inside and outside as it slowly releases heat back into the house when it gets dark. The house is naturally ventilated with the help of a three-layered window that regulates temperature and air flow entering  the building. The inside is entirely clad with birch plywood.”

Price: 230 000€


affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-05 affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-03 affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-02 affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-01affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-04affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-18affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-17 affordable-sustainable-homes-sigurd-larsen-NordicDesign-19




Photos: Sigurd Larsen



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