A Refined Minimalist’s Dream Home in Copenhagen

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This modern 150 sqm Copenhagen apartment is a minimalist’s dream. The interior, created by Dubrovska Studio, is devoid of decoration, sleek and serene. There are amazing careful -but simple- details, with a strong focus on materials which add visual interest, texture, and personality. Concrete, terrazzo, brass… This space is all about quality rather than quantity. The soothing, natural and muted color palette adds to the calm look and feel. The two velvet-upholstered chairs add a striking touch, and they are perfect stand out pieces. The same goes for the cluster of paper pendant lamps by &Tradition above the bed. And how nice are those shutters?

I am not convinced this home actually exists, the pictures kind of look like top-notch 3D renders. But in any case, this interior is definitely pin-worthy.



Photos/renderings: Dubrovska Studio



  1. moniek
    7 Feb 2021 / 07:46

    Good afternoon, I really like the metal gold window coverings, Can you tell me where to buy this? Thanks in advance
    with kind regards, Moniek Weel Interieurs
    [email protected]

    • Catherine
      8 Feb 2021 / 20:21

      Hi Moniek,
      These look custom made. You can actually purchase similar brass sheets at most hardware stores, so if you are into DIY projects, it might be a good option :)

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