A Luminous and Stylish Family Home in Sweden

, , , By Catherine

I totally fell for this house – I could live there in a heart beat!

This 105m² apartment was built in Gothenburg at the beginning of the 20th Century, and it still has many beautiful original features. The place was modernized with a stylish kitchen and contemporary furnishings. A couple of green plants punctuate the décor, as a touch of freshness. The color palette was kept simple, serene and harmonious throughout the house. The kids room also has an understated style, while being cute and cheerful.

A relaxed and happy family home, don’t you think?

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Luminous-and-Stylish-Family-Home-02 Luminous-and-Stylish-Family-Home-03 Luminous-and-Stylish-Family-Home-04 Luminous-and-Stylish-Family-Home-05
Luminous-and-Stylish-Family-Home-06 Luminous-and-Stylish-Family-Home-07 Luminous-and-Stylish-Family-Home-08 Luminous-and-Stylish-Family-Home-09
Luminous-and-Stylish-Family-Home109Luminous-and-Stylish-Family-Home11 Luminous-and-Stylish-Family-Home12 Luminous-and-Stylish-Family-Home13

Photos: Jonas Berg for Stadshem



  1. Mary
    6 Sep 2016 / 20:46

    White shelving in the living room – source?

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