This is the home of interior designer Amelia Widell, shot by Andrea Papini for the latest edition of Elle Decoration. Amelia is also behind the company Meli Meli, which sells furniture, rugs and cushions.

While I’m more of a muted monochrome palette kind of gal, I can’t help but be seduced by her colourful home. It has so much personality – Feminine, but not overtly sweet, and definitely cool.

In Amelia’s home, vintage finds, contemporary pieces, mementos and inherited treasures combine to create a look that’s light-hearted and charming. And all that velvet… Swoon!

This is hands down one of the most well-executed and inspiring bohemian chic style I’ve seen in a while.

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If you like Amelia’s style, make sure to check out her blog!


Styling: Saša Antic 

Photos: Andrea Papini for Elle Decoration