Last year, I’ve shown you a few pics of a beautiful apartment located in a former leather manufacture near Stockholm. Well, this place is for sale again, and it’s great to see how the current owner(s) styled the place. The look is quite different, but the space is still amazing.

Which one do you like best? The 2014 version or the one below?


Cool-and-modern-loft-in-Stockholm-01 Cool-and-modern-loft-in-Stockholm-03 Cool-and-modern-loft-in-Stockholm-04 Cool-and-modern-loft-in-Stockholm-05 Cool-and-modern-loft-in-Stockholm-06 Cool-and-modern-loft-in-Stockholm-07 Cool-and-modern-loft-in-Stockholm-08 Cool-and-modern-loft-in-Stockholm-09 Cool-and-modern-loft-in-Stockholm-10 Cool-and-modern-loft-in-Stockholm-12 Cool-and-modern-loft-in-Stockholm-13 Cool-and-modern-loft-in-Stockholm-14Cool-and-modern-loft-in-Stockholm-11

Photos: Alexander White