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13 Questions to Swedish/Italian Photographer Idha Lindhag

I wanted to know more about this talented photographer that I love.

The Christmas Wish List of Photographer Jonas Ingerstedt

Discover what is on this talented photographer's wish list.

Inspiration from Sara Medina Lind’s Gorgeous Portfolio

These pics are good examples that less is usually more!

Inspiration from Sava Svenningrud

Stunning interior & styling images by talented Sava Svenningrud.

Inspiration from Idha Lindhag

Stylish interiors photographed by Swedish Idha Lindhag.

Inspiration by Lonngren & Widell Photography

Looking at the images below makes us want to go to the nearest flea market, to put our hands on some fab finds!!

The house of photographer Jonas Ingerstedt

This is one lovely house which was featured in a previous issue of Sweden Elle Interiör.

Selected works by Patrik Lindell

The art of making ordinary places and buildings into something beautiful and graphic.

Olle Eksell

A shop offering a unique series of products with designs of icon Olle Eksell.

Full of spirit and personality

This is one apartment full of spirit and personality!

Shades of grey

Petra Bindel definitely knows how to work with moody grey tones.

Photographer Per Ranung

We felt for the touch of mystery and quirky details.

Photographer Johan Sellén

Here are lovely pictures from Swedish photographer Johan Sellén. Enjoy!