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Black and White Apartment with a Touch of Pastels

Monochrome interiors mixed with a hint of pastels are among my favourites at the moment.

A Comfy Home with Design Classics

A stunning style with a warm and cozy feel.

The right mix of grey, green and brass

This unique home in Gothenburg is a true gem.

Simple, refined and personal apartment in Gothenburg

The overall look is simple, but refined, unique and personal. Beautiful, right?

Lovely Apartments styled by Swede Daniella Witte

She truly knows how to make a space look warm, inviting and personal.

Serene and Light Apartment in Stockholm

It's light, calm and has a neutral palette - A very serene and relaxing space!

The Home of Sara Medina Lind

She really knows how to pull off the monochrome look - I'm envious!

One Apartment, Three Stylists, Three looks

It's hard to pick a favourite...! Which one do you prefer?

Old farmhouse with a modern twist

There is definitely a warmth and softness that emanate from this place.

Amager Apartment with a Clean Style and Curated Furnishings

Everything seems to be at its right place.

Monochrome home with a charming eclectic style

This beautiful home in Norway is a pretty and creative place.

Small living in style

Tastefully decorated, with a hint of country chic