Posts tagged "monochrome"

A Great Tone on Tone Apartment in Stockholm

A serene atmosphere, a delicate elegance and a lovely, simple style.

Beautiful Monochrome Studio Apartment in Sweden

A clean, natural palette, rich textural elements, and great design pieces!

A Home with a Warm, Pared-down Monochrome Look

It has a serenity and simplicity that I love.

A Stylish and Functional 35 sqm Apartment in Sweden

A fantastic example of how you can create a perfectly functional and inviting small home in style!

Inspiring and Stylish Monochrome Apartment

This 54-square-meter home has a lot to please!

When creative studio meets functional living space

The organized chaos of an artist studio meld beautifully with the living space in this bright apartment.

Serene Apartment in Shades We Love

We're taking notes!

The Home of Swedish Interior Stylist Elin Kickén

Think Scandinavian monochrome interior with a twist.

Cool and Stylish Monochrome Apartment in Sweden

This fab home in Gothenburg has everything to please.

The Lovely Home of Photographer Sara Medina Lind is for Sale

She is a definite reference when it comes to pulling off a monochrome interior.

An Enviable and Beautiful Simplicity

It made me want to slow down, and to declutter my home!

Perfect Shades of Grey

This place is so stunning. It is simple and yet refined. And perfect for a Fall cocoon.

Beautiful family home in an old factory in Finland

This monochrome interior complemented with a few mid-century pieces and soft textiles is true perfection.

Monochrome Perfection in Finland

This one is going into my personal archive! Very inspiring.

A Classic Dutch House with a Scandinavian Interior

And it is right up my alley!

A Cool and Industrial Nordic Style

A black and white palette, vintage finds and an industrial look.

An Inspiring Apartment for Fans of White, Black and Grey

There's so many fabulous elements that I can't help but stare...

A Crisp, Bright and Monochrome Home in Sweden

A true little gem!

An Harmonious Mix of Grey Tones and White

I'm a great fan of the timeless combination of grey and white, and this Swedish home is a good example.

An elegant Gothenburg apartment with a stunning kitchen

A monochrome interior, mid-century furniture and modern home accessories - All in all, a beautiful place!

Black and White Apartment with a Touch of Pastels

Monochrome interiors mixed with a hint of pastels are among my favourites at the moment.