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Simple, refined and personal apartment in Gothenburg

The overall look is simple, but refined, unique and personal. Beautiful, right?

One Apartment, Three Stylists, Three looks

It's hard to pick a favourite...! Which one do you prefer?

Inspiring and spacious villa in Melbourne

Oh how I love this place...

Dusty colours by Jotun

The soft, dusty hues confer serenity and style to the rooms. Pretty!

Possibly the most beautiful place to stay in Antwerp

Luxurious, but also warm, inviting and comfortable.

Stunning Penthouse by Koncept Stockholm

Oh how I'd love to live there!

Get The Look: Stylish Finnish Apartment

I was very inspired by this lovely Finnish apartment and here's how to recreate the look into your own home!

A Stunning Apartment with a Luxurious Décor

Gorgeous, unique and sophisticated!

The Work of Stylist Elin Kickén

She knows how to create a soft, serene atmosphere and a warm minimalist style.

House envy: Stunning kitchen and an understated elegance

There is so much to love about this apartment!

Get the look: Pastel Kitchen and Dinning Room

Here's my selection of items to help you recreate this lovely look into your home.

For the love of wood

I'm not a big fan of having loads of wood inside a house, but this is pretty cool!