Let’s kick off the week with this luminous Gothenburg apartment – Quite a contrast to the dark and gloomy November weather.

The crisp white walls allow for the natural light to reflect beautifully around the place, making it look bright and  spacious. Such blank canvas is also perfect for displaying the carefully curated furnishings that seem to come from all around the world. We’re loving this ethnic touch, which adds personality and character. The rugs, baskets, antique stools and chairs, sculptures, vases… They all seem to have a story behind them. The soft soft textures, natural materials and earthy tones enhance the calming and warm atmosphere.


Serene-and-Bright-Gothenburg-Apartment-with-an-Ethnic-Touch-01 Serene-and-Bright-Gothenburg-Apartment-with-an-Ethnic-Touch-03 Serene-and-Bright-Gothenburg-Apartment-with-an-Ethnic-Touch-04 Serene-and-Bright-Gothenburg-Apartment-with-an-Ethnic-Touch-05 Serene-and-Bright-Gothenburg-Apartment-with-an-Ethnic-Touch-06 Serene-and-Bright-Gothenburg-Apartment-with-an-Ethnic-Touch-07 Serene-and-Bright-Gothenburg-Apartment-with-an-Ethnic-Touch-08 Serene-and-Bright-Gothenburg-Apartment-with-an-Ethnic-Touch-09 Serene-and-Bright-Gothenburg-Apartment-with-an-Ethnic-Touch-10 Serene-and-Bright-Gothenburg-Apartment-with-an-Ethnic-Touch-11 Serene-and-Bright-Gothenburg-Apartment-with-an-Ethnic-Touch-12


Looking to recreate the look at home? I recommend to shop at Couleur Locale, Sukhi, Beklina and Koromiko.

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Photos: Anders Bergstedt for Entrance Makleri