Danish designer Cecilie Manz created Luv, a Scandinavian-inspired series of washbasins, bathtubs, and bathroom furniture for Duravit. The collection has a timeless, elegant and minimal style, thanks to its gentle forms that follow a stringent geometry.

Luv’s signature oval shape was inspired by a straightforward vision from the Danish designer. “The image in my mind’s eye from the very start was a bowl filled with water on a simple table,” notes Cecilie Manz. This vision produced the sophisticated purism of the Luv series.



Scandinavian-Inspired-Bathroom-By-Duravit-01 Scandinavian-Inspired-Bathroom-By-Duravit-04 Scandinavian-Inspired-Bathroom-By-Duravit-05Scandinavian-Inspired-Bathroom-By-Duravit-02 Scandinavian-Inspired-Bathroom-By-Duravit-06 Scandinavian-Inspired-Bathroom-By-Duravit-07 Scandinavian-Inspired-Bathroom-By-Duravit-08


Photos: Duravit