Our fabulous find of the week is this cool series of plates is designed by Swedish 10-gruppen. You can pick from 21 patterns, mostly black & white, but also with three designs in red – Perfect to mix and match and create your own personalized collection! Ø 26 cm

10-gruppen also offers fabrics and oilcloth, tote bags, cushions, and children products, among others. The group is well-known for their bright and expressive style and colours.

About 10-gruppen
10-gruppen was formed in 1970 by ten young textile designers who wanted to be able to control the entire process, from the preliminary sketch to the printed textile, and to provide good Swedish design. Today, 10-gruppen is owned and operated by three of the original founding designers, Birgitta Hahn, Tom Hedqvist and Ingela Håkansson, who design all the fabrics.

Over the years, 10-gruppen has been exhibited abroad regulary, including in New York, Tokyo, Paris and Berlin. In addition to being sold in their own shop, 10-gruppen products are marketed by retailers and distributors throughout Sweden, Europe, Asia and the USA. 10-gruppen has also collaborated regularly with IKEA.

Photos: 10-gruppen