One of the numerous novelties from Menu we are the most excited about is the Pipe candleholder collection. It is a re-make of a thousand year old Viking invention, designed to be hammered into any kind of wood.

Designed by acclaimed Danish designer Pernille Vea, the concept is simple yet powerful. “I am deeply fascinated by the simplicity and rawness of the Viking Age. Pipe Candleholder has that exact functional simplicity but also a playful attitude that dares you to be imaginative and create your own setting,” says Pernille Vea.

Pipe Candleholder comes in three different variations for both indoor and outdoor use and for long candles and tea light candles. It is made of cast iron and heat-resistant glass protecting the candlelight from wind and rain.

You can put them in a tree in the garden, on an old piece of wood in the living room, on a picnic table, on a door frame… Wherever there’s wood!

Photos: Menu