Georg Jensen Damask recently launched PATCHES – a rustic 100% wool knitted plaid in a beautiful design with matching pillows.

“PATCHES has a clean, Scandinavian expression. The design adds a modern twist to the choice of materials and gives PATCHES an expression that is contemporary and classic at the same time. With PATCHES, we have chosen a more raw expression than usual. We have specifically gone after a wool that is also used for hand knitting, as it provides a second surface and a greater openness in the rope. In addition, the wool is pleasantly soft” – Christian Borch,  Design and Marketing Manager at Damask.

The series also include SOLID, a cushion available in single-colored knit, but with different front and back.

PATCHES plaid: 120 × 170 cm
PATCHES pillow: 50 × 50 cm
SOLID pillow: 60 × 40 cm

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Photos: Damask