Here’s a lovely family home in a bright, clean and simple look. It has beautiful herringbone parquet floors and white plastered walls, brightened up with pops of colours and pretty pastels. The house is carefully styled with many fascinating details, Ikea finds and design pieces by Eames, Louis Poulsen, Hans J. Wegner, HAY, and by lassen, among others.

The owner, Cecilia Brøgger, recently launched her jewelry collection. See it here!

Home-of-jewelry-designer-Cecilia-Brogger-07 Home-of-jewelry-designer-Cecilia-Brogger-06 Home-of-jewelry-designer-Cecilia-Brogger-05 Home-of-jewelry-designer-Cecilia-Brogger-04 Home-of-jewelry-designer-Cecilia-Brogger-03 Home-of-jewelry-designer-Cecilia-Brogger-02Home-of-jewelry-designer-Cecilia-Brogger-08 Home-of-jewelry-designer-Cecilia-Brogger-01Home-of-jewelry-designer-Cecilia-Brogger-09