Poul Henningsen would have turned 120 years old this year. To mark the occasion Louis Poulsen, Danish lighting manufacturer,  is launching a limited edition of one of the first lamps in the PH system. Designed in 1929, the PH 3½ -3 is now available in untreated copper, which will take a unique patina over time. It will be sold for a limited period of time, from 1 March to 31 May  2014.

Pia Knudsen, Business Area Manager at Louis Poulsen, explains: “Lights are made to be used. We know that the relaunch of the PH 3 ½-3 light is a dream come true for many PH collectors. At the same time, we are noticing a strong tendency to combine multiple periods in domestic design, with PH lights magnificently uniting classic and modern in this context.”

“As we see it, PH’s birthday is a perfect occasion to revisit the point where it all began for one of the most widely recognized light designers the world has ever seen. It has been a fascinating adventure to delve down into the treasure chest and see how a light from the end of the 1920s can still produce absolutely beautiful light – even using modern LED light sources. Words such as ‘classic’ and ‘timeless’ take on a whole new meaning when you find yourself facing a design from the start of the last century and cannot help but admire the brilliance that went into its design and execution,” concludes Pia Knudsen.

PH 3½–3 Copper: Ø 330mm and H: 307mm.

More info here.

Photos: Louis Poulsen 

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