Rikke is a graphic designer and entrepreneur from Denmark with a cool, monochrome style. As soon as you walk into the door of her Copenhagen apartment, you get a sense of Rikke’s personality – She is not afraid of trying daring ideas.

She tells Bolig that her home has always been black, grey and white. She likes to purchase classic, timeless items in neutral colours to ensure she won’t have the need to completely refurbish the house in a few months. Instead, she incorporates pillows, vases, throws, etc. to bring touches of colours and on-trend designs into her home. Rikke loves to renew the look of her house by shuffling around her furniture and decorative elements – A very cost-effective way to spruce up an interior!

Photos: Andreas Mikkel Hansen for Bolig via 79 ideas

Black-and-White-home-of-Rikke-01 Black-and-White-home-of-Rikke-02 Black-and-White-home-of-Rikke-03 Black-and-White-home-of-Rikke-04 Black-and-White-home-of-Rikke-05 Black-and-White-home-of-Rikke-06 Black-and-White-home-of-Rikke-07