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Joanna also made an interesting article for Dwell about mid-century textile design. Click here to read it!


Vintage illustration 1958,†Flickr (via)

Mid-Century Scandinavian living rooms remain style icons today. Maybe you don’t want to go completely vintage like the image above, but the clean lines, teakwood and textiles of Mid-Century Scandinavian living rooms can work in our modern homes and are terrific decorating ideas. Danish Modern furniture in teak or rosewood is high quality, well made furniture that works well with many styles of modern and contemporary furnishings and room designs. From purist to eclectic, also Mid-Century Scandinavian living room furniture and room design is quality style that was built to last.

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For the purist, this minimalist, vintage Scandinavian living room†design is filled with interesting pieces that work well together despite being of different shapes and colors. Love the pile of floor pillows.

Brown Paper Pkgs (via)

A contemporary interpretation of a Mid-Century Scandinavian living room. Scandinavian style chairs mixed with a Noguchi table & American Modernism pieces to give a fresh look to vintage style.

Room Furniture (via)

The Hans Wegner Papa Bear chair is an icon of Scandinavian design. Designed in 1951, it has a matching ottoman. The Papa Bear chair can be upholstered in both classic, neutral upholstery or bold patterns.

Indecorat (via)

This living room in a restored Mid-Century home is another mix of Scandinavian pieces, like the teak standing globe and cabinet, credenza and side chairs. It is a great mix of American and Scandinavian Mid-Century design, including the Jacobsen Swan chair in chartreuse.

Amazonaws (via)

The Egg Chair by Jacobsen is another icon of Scandinavian design. Paired with the teak cabinet, both pieces give the living room a Scandinavian Mid-Century style.

Architect Lines (via)

This contemporary take on Scandinavian design has its roots in Mid-Century design. Light woods, clean lines and neutral fabrics are hallmarks of Scandinavian design.

Flickr (via)

A Scandinavian sofa and leather sling chairs make a strong design statement in this airy living room. Natural materials, like the small tables and wool rug are other trademarks of Scandinavian Mid-Century style.

For Scandinavian interior design ideas visit Nordic Design regularly.

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