This interior has possibly one of the best eclectic styles I’ve seen in a long time. It is undeniably cool, funky, unique.

Most furniture and home accessories were collected in antiques shops and flea markets from around the world. A few designer pieces add a contemporary touch to the decor, like Eames chairs, String shelf, Acapulco chair, Egon Eiermann tables, etc.

This 150-square-meter studio apartment is located in the heart of Vienna. It is designed and decorated by Laura Karasinski, art directrice & owner of Atelier Karasinski.

Photos: © Atelier Karasinski via Flodeau

   Funky-and-eclectic-apartment-in-Vienna-04 Funky-and-eclectic-apartment-in-Vienna-05 Funky-and-eclectic-apartment-in-Vienna-06 Funky-and-eclectic-apartment-in-Vienna-07 Funky-and-eclectic-apartment-in-Vienna-08 Funky-and-eclectic-apartment-in-Vienna-09 Funky-and-eclectic-apartment-in-Vienna-10Funky-and-eclectic-apartment-in-Vienna-01Funky-and-eclectic-apartment-in-Vienna-03Funky-and-eclectic-apartment-in-Vienna-02