Why I like it: You’ll find beautiful handmade and unique Swedish jewelry with a timeless style.

Shipping to: North America, UK & Europe

Shipping from: United States

About the shop: “My name is Eva-Lotta S. Dahl and I live with my family in Pacific Palisades, CA, USA. I moved here three years ago after five wonderful years in Greenwich, CT. I’ve been designing jewelry for about eight years now, it started as a hobby but after moving from Sweden to the US eight years ago, I’ve been putting in more and more time and I LOVE IT!

I’m influenced by the simplicity and forwardness of Scandinavian Design and I like experimenting with different styles and materials. My philosophy is to create unique and affordable everyday jewelry using for example semiprecious and precious stones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, beads, silver, gold, waxed linen cord and leather. Everything is handmade and designed by me and I never mass produce jewelry, I want them to be one of a kind and unique made just ForU! This is why you will find only one or two in stock of each piece of jewelry!

Welcome to browse among my jewelry, there is a reason my company is called ForUjewelry!”