Why I like it: The founder, Bianca, sources gorgeous, stylish and well-made alternatives to the items used and loved every single day of our lives.  Natural skincare from around the world, hand-made, small run jewelry, homewares and design elements not often found in Canada (where Bianca is from) or easily located in the U.S. She believes that “it’s not about buying more, but about buying better.” – I’m loving it!

Shipping to: Worldwide

Shipping from: Canada

About the shop: We’re bibelot & token – where we love gorgeous, minimal design, aspire to a modern aesthetic – And love nothing more than someone, or something that has a sense of humour. We’re not about to tell you to buy less, but to let you know that you can buy better.

Packed full of housewares, accessories, jewelry, apothecary and curio ranging from the minimalist to the whimsical, our toronto lifestyle boutique sources all those fab little things you can’t just find anywhere.

Thanks to bianca goldman, who opened up shop in late 2014, our houses, apartments, rooms and desks just got a whole lot more stylish. her eye for thoughtful design and a bit of humor, (just because you prefer everything in black and white, doesn’t mean you don’t like to laugh) will have you scrolling for days.

bibelot & token – [minimal + modern + swell]