This holiday season, the owners of this apartment chose to decorate their house very simply. The focus is mostly on the Christmas tree, and the rest of the house is barely adorned. I do think it fits well with the curated style of the house, and that it is not overwhelming. But what do you think? Is it too sparse for your liking? Can you feel the Christmas spirit with such a minimalist look & feel?

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Photo: Tia Borgsmidt via BoBedre

Simple-and-minimalist-christmas-decor01 Simple-and-minimalist-christmas-decor02 Simple-and-minimalist-christmas-decor03 Simple-and-minimalist-christmas-decor04 Simple-and-minimalist-christmas-decor05 Simple-and-minimalist-christmas-decor06 Simple-and-minimalist-christmas-decor07 Simple-and-minimalist-christmas-decor08 Simple-and-minimalist-christmas-decor09 Simple-and-minimalist-christmas-decor10 Simple-and-minimalist-christmas-decor11