A family of four in Copenhagen, Denmark, lives in this apartment. With the help of architecture and design studio Spacon & X, the owners optimized every inch available with numerous clever solution for the small layout of their home. They created multifunctional spaces and “zones” that can be used for different purposes. For instance, the beautiful staircase is also a cabinet and chest of drawers. It acts as a separation between the kitchen and the guestroom, which features a Murphy bed and above the head storage. The living room has a built-in cabinet that hides stools, small tables and a Murphy desk. The kids’ bedroom has a large unit that was custom built to enclose the beds, closet space and toy storage, and much more – What kid wouldn’t want a slide like this? So fun! The master bedroom is located on the upper floor, and creative solutions are abundant there too.

Inspiring, right?

Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-09Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-02Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-05Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-03 Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-07Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-06Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-16 Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-08 Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-10Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-11 Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-12 Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-13 Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-14 Clever-Solutions-Small-Copenhagen-Apartment-15


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Styling: Heyhome
Photos: Pernille Kaalund via Yatzer with thanks.