Søstrene Grenes is a retail store that started in Denmark back in 1973. The concept was a success, and today you can find shops across Scandinavia, as well as in France and The Netherlands. Founded by two sisters who wanted to share the beauty and happiness they found in little things, the shop is like a treasure trove of lovely home accessories, craft supplies, stationery, and more. There is something for everyone!

The shop partnered with Mette Wotkjær to create inspiring pictures for their Christmas assortment – And they definitely succeeded! I selected a few of my favourite images below, and you can browse the entire catalog here.



Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-01 Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-02 Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-03 Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-04 Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-05 Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-06 Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-07 Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-08 Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-09 Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-10 Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-11 Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-12 Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-13 Sostrene-Grenes-Christmas-143

Photos: Søstrene Grenes