Nordic homes

Dark and Elegant Apartment in Sweden

When done right, dark interiors have a wonderful cocoon-like vibe. And here's a good example!

Copenhagen Apartment with Cheerful Touches of Blue

The style is fun, cozy and personal, with an urban and industrial twist.

Inspirational Stockholm Home with a Great Kitchen

A gem of a house with a beautiful décor.

Serene and Simple 40-Square-Meter Apartment

I dream of having such pied à terre... Who's in?

Inside the Christianshavn Home of NOMA Chef René Redzepi

This place is a true reflection of the man; authentic, humble, down to heart, with no-nonsense.

The Home of Stylist Josefin Hååg is For Sale

Decorated with taste, this home is a stylish little cocoon.

A Nordic Home in Shades of Green

Who said that great Nordic interiors are always white, black and grey?

Feminine and Bright Danish Townhouse

A style that is not overly sweet or too delicate, with a beautiful, understated elegance.

The Beautiful Home of World Travellers, Design Lovers and Art Aficionados

A truly unique and personal home, reflecting the life of its inhabitants.

The Beautiful and Eclectic Home of Fashion Designer Heidi Hofmann

It's the antithesis of a cookie-cutter interior!

Contemporary Scandinavian Apartment with Many Original Features

A simple and soft color palette, a serene atmosphere, modern Scandi furnishings... A true gem!

The Home of Joanna Lavén, Take Two

What a beautiful, soulful place!

A Black and White Interior Done Right

Here's a great monochrome interior!

Charming Eclectic Apartment in Sweden

This apartment in Stockholm has a lot of character and will please the romantic types.

Bright Helsinki Apartment with a Fresh Nordic Style

Lovely work by Laura Seppänen!

The Stunning Cottage of Pella Hedeby

Isn't this place perfect? It's cosy, stylish, Nordic, timeless...

Bright and Spacious Copenhagen Apartment

We're loving the gallery wall in the living room - A personal and interesting focal point.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Some interesting artwork, a few statement pieces, fresh flowers and greenery, a bit of color... Timeless and stylish!

A Cool Retro Vibe

Teak furniture, bold patterns, and vintage knickknacks... A mid-century vibe with a contemporary look!

Luminous Villa in Hellerup

This place has a lot of charm and personality!

A Modern Industrial Interior with Greenish Blues

A stylish cocoon with a modern industrial vibe.