Here’s a beautiful, light and fresh Scandinavian family home! Every room feels so bright and crisp.

The wooden floors add warmth to the white rooms, and soft colours were used to create a serene atmosphere. Some black accents provide just the right amount of contrast.

Check out that sweet nursery! Lovely, right?


Bright-Scandinavian-Family-Home-02 Bright-Scandinavian-Family-Home-03 Bright-Scandinavian-Family-Home-04 Bright-Scandinavian-Family-Home-05 Bright-Scandinavian-Family-Home-06 Bright-Scandinavian-Family-Home-07 Bright-Scandinavian-Family-Home-08 Bright-Scandinavian-Family-Home-09 Bright-Scandinavian-Family-Home-10 Bright-Scandinavian-Family-Home-11

Photos: Daniella Witte via Elle Decoration