Here’s a charming and bright apartment for sale on Fantastic Frank. It has a clean and uncluttered Scandinavian style with a sweet touch of pink throughout the place. I like it a lot! It’s not overly romantic or feminine, but rather chic and on-trend. And isn’t that nursery perfect or what? Lovely!


Scandinavian-sweetness-01 Scandinavian-sweetness-02 Scandinavian-sweetness-03Scandinavian-sweetness-12 Scandinavian-sweetness-04 Scandinavian-sweetness-05Scandinavian-sweetness-09 Scandinavian-sweetness-06 Scandinavian-sweetness-07 Scandinavian-sweetness-08 Scandinavian-sweetness-10 Scandinavian-sweetness-11

Photos: Fantastic Frank