We just can’t get over the fantastic work resulting from the collaboration between Danish photographer Tia Borgsmidt and stylist Mette Helena Rasmussen. The two of them are very talented, and together they seem to make magic happen. We’ve selected here some of their amazing pics of tastefully decorated interiors. We are in awe.

Photos: Tia Borgsmidt

Tia-Borgsmidt-10 Tia-Borgsmidt-9 Tia-Borgsmidt-8 Tia-Borgsmidt-7 Tia-Borgsmidt-6 Tia-Borgsmidt-5 Tia-Borgsmidt-1 Tia-Borgsmidt-4 Tia-Borgsmidt-3 Tia-Borgsmidt-2 Tia-Borgsmidt