This lovely apartment for sale in Sweden is staged to perfection. Every piece of furniture and decorative detail was carefully added to create a stylish, modern and uncluttered look. There is a lovely serene atmosphere, thanks to the soft shades of beige/sand that adorn the walls and the beautiful wooden floors. The contrast with darker tones such as grey and black creates a gorgeous look.

Here are a few items to help you recreate this style:

If one of you knows where that beautiful sofa is from, let us know in the comment section below!


Swedish-Apartment-in-Muted-Tones-NordicDesign-01 Swedish-Apartment-in-Muted-Tones-NordicDesign-02 Swedish-Apartment-in-Muted-Tones-NordicDesign-03 Swedish-Apartment-in-Muted-Tones-NordicDesign-12Swedish-Apartment-in-Muted-Tones-NordicDesign-05Swedish-Apartment-in-Muted-Tones-NordicDesign-10 Swedish-Apartment-in-Muted-Tones-NordicDesign-06 Swedish-Apartment-in-Muted-Tones-NordicDesign-07 Swedish-Apartment-in-Muted-Tones-NordicDesign-08 Swedish-Apartment-in-Muted-Tones-NordicDesign-09
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Styling: Sarah WidmanElin Kicken and Evalotta Sundling
Photos: Cim Ek via Alvhem