Cath-profile-web-2015Welcome to Nordic Design!

I am Catherine Lazure-Guinard, and I founded the blog in March 2010 as a personal design reference. It has rapidly evolved, to become an essential and award-winning resource for design savvy people looking to find exciting brands, the latest products and trends, and inspiration for their home. It is now the leading blog in North America about Scandinavian design, interiors, architecture and lifestyle.

The love story began when I took part in a student exchange program in Denmark a few years ago. It was an unexpected life-changing moment. I discovered with great admiration the Nordic lifestyle, design and cultures, as I made my way through Scandinavia. Today, I still can’t get enough!

I’m now back in my hometown of Sainte-Adèle (QC) in Canada after over 8 years of living in Europe. My passion for Scandinavia is a definite drive to share and curate information about products, brands, companies and designers that reflect the pure aesthetic of the North. I love the simplicity, functionality and durability of Scandinavian design, in which I find inspiration for my everyday life.

For decades now, Scandinavia has become a reference of good design. Its defined style quickly emerged as being one of timeless simplicity, elegance, sense and beauty, where traditions meet modernity in innovative ways. From fashion to cars; from jewelry to architecture; from glass to concrete: They seem to master it all. Moreover, research has consistently shown that people living in Scandinavia are the happiest on earth! They are also models of liberal societies, and are proud of their heritage while looking forward. They succeed in creating a warm, inviting and inspiring home, with beauty and coziness as rules of thumb. Design is deeply rooted in their cultures, it guides the lifestyle, and it illuminates the Nordic souls during the dark winter months. It’s the art of living well, and happy. What’s not to love!? With Nordic Design, I want to share the joy.




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