This flat in Copenhagen is full of life. It has spacious rooms with high ceilings all painted crisp white, allowing the vibrancy of the furnishings to take center stage. The owners are definitely not afraid of using bright colours and wild patterns. The style is rather feminine and sweet, but some elements, such as the concrete table in the dining room, provide a great contrast. The place is filled with design sweetness by Scandinavian brands like Muuto, Design by Us, Kähler, Meyer-Lavigne, HAY, Tine K Home, Royal Copenhagen, Finnsdottir… There is also a lot of quirky finds, which add a little touch of crazy (in a good way). The result is a cheerful, fun, unpretentious and very personal interior.

It made me think of the Royal Smushi Café – A little extravagant and wild, but very pretty!


Feminine-Quirky-Colorful-Home-01 Feminine-Quirky-Colorful-Home-02 Feminine-Quirky-Colorful-Home-03 Feminine-Quirky-Colorful-Home-04 Feminine-Quirky-Colorful-Home-05 Feminine-Quirky-Colorful-Home-06 Feminine-Quirky-Colorful-Home-07 Feminine-Quirky-Colorful-Home-08 Feminine-Quirky-Colorful-Home-09 Feminine-Quirky-Colorful-Home-10 Feminine-Quirky-Colorful-Home-11 Feminine-Quirky-Colorful-Home-12 Feminine-Quirky-Colorful-Home-13


Photos: Magnus Klitten via Bolig Magasinet