This is an impressive and tiny apartment for sale in Gothenburg. The space is small, no bigger than 25 m2, and it is beautifully styled! I really like that shade of grey on the walls with the wooden details, the  monochrome linens, the collection of vintage decanters, the stylish furniture…. I actually like everything!


Stylish-25-sqm-apartment-01 Stylish-25-sqm-apartment-02 Stylish-25-sqm-apartment-03 Stylish-25-sqm-apartment-04 Stylish-25-sqm-apartment-05 Stylish-25-sqm-apartment-06 Stylish-25-sqm-apartment-07 Stylish-25-sqm-apartment-08 Stylish-25-sqm-apartment-09 Stylish-25-sqm-apartment-10 Stylish-25-sqm-apartment-11 Stylish-25-sqm-apartment-12

Photos: Jonas Berg for Stadshem