Monthly archive October, 2010

My Life USB by Kähler

A sexy and ultra-modern way to carry all your precious files around!

Per Magnus Persson

The Swedish photographer answers our questions with a touch of humor and honesty.

Shuffle it

"This table has one function more important than others: to create joy."

That poster

It took us a little while, but we finally found out who is behind this great print.

Artist of the month: Hans Scherfig

Scherfig’s jungle paintings are part of every Dane’s visual cultural heritage.

Leena Kisonen

Textiles from Kauniste's Leena Kisonen totally have that Scandinavian feel we love, with a fresh, distinguishable and playful touch.

Three feet on the ground

Swedish furniture manufacturer Brikolör recently launched in Milan the Älta-Älta stool designed by Sami Kallio.

A tribute to Noma

Double joy: recipes from top chef Redzepi and photos from Isager!

Saša Antic

Interview with Sasa Antic, Stylist/Prop-designer for IKEA, H&M Home, Elle Magazine, etc.